I am a lover of images and imagination.

My access to spirituality is through the door of mythic stories and archetypal images. Images arise in us continually – whether from our dreams, our meditations, our fantasies, or from the consensus “reality.” I never cease to marvel at how, when we sit quietly with these images, without forcing any “meaning” onto them, they speak with the voice of the deepest, most ancient and most profound parts of ourselves.

I love to use these images as my guides to design personalized rituals and altars, invoke them through chanting, toning and drumming, utilize them to create personalized guided meditations and inner journeys, and use them as psychopomps to understand more deeply the individual nuances of the journey each one of us is here to take in this lifetime.

As I travel deeper in my own journey, I find that I am drawn as much, if not more, to the deep darkness, to the shadows, the place of rest and restitution, of patient waiting to hear the still-small-voice - as I am towards the light and its aspirational qualities. I am called by the Mothers and the Grandmothers to invite souls into the deep humus, the “muck” of lived life - and finally, into an ecstatic celebration of our embodied presence on the lap of Mother Earth.

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