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Please contact me via this form if you'd like to discuss a spiritual counseling session with me.

I work face-to-face in New York City, and am also available for companioning you over Zoom, Skype or phone, anywhere in the world. I offer a sliding scale for my fees.

If you prefer not to fill out the form, you may also leave me a voice message at (347) 954 9856, with a number to call you back. I will return the call as soon as I can.

I look forward to connecting with you.


  • By what name(s) do you call the divine?

  • What is your idea of the divine? Where and how do you see him/her/it?

  • When you think of the divine, what are the images that come to mind?

  • Where do you feel the presence of the divine in your body at this moment?

  • How does the absence of the divine feel in your body?

  • Can you sense the divine in this current dilemma in your life?

  • Can we just pause - just where we are - and breathe into what is arising right now?

  • What might this difficulty or dilemma be trying to tell us? What inner voice might be trying to communicate with us at this moment?

  • Who are the gods that are knocking at your door?

These are some questions that may be heard in an interspiritual counseling session with me.

We might begin and end our time together with silence, with a prayer or meditation, with poetry, with invoking the directions and/or your ancestors and/or the divinity of your heart, or with a simple ritual. I will typically ask you what feels the most meaningful to you.

During the session, there might be talking and listening, silence, guided meditation, dreamwork, active imagination, or working with the different parts/voices in you. There could be poetry, reading or chanting together. There could be drumming and journeying. There could be a ritual. There could be storytelling or psycho-spiritual education. Or it could be none of the above!

When we start working together, I do not presume to know “your God” or your sense and mode of connection with the divine. We sit together with the mystery of what is known, what is unknown, and what is trying to arise at the threshold of the two.


My goal in our work together is to create a container, an “alchemical vas,” within which your wholeness can emerge at its own pace and rhythm. A place that feels safe and inviting enough for the shy soul to appear. Together, we attend to what is alive in the moment, and listen to your Inner Teacher, your Inner Sage, your Still-Small-Voice-Within.

I do not presume to know what is right for you. I see my task as staying present — looking, seeing, and bearing witness — to what is arising from deep within your own soul and spirit. And to help nurture these emerging aspects of you - that bring you closer to your wholeness. Together, we suffer, endure and celebrate the gestation and the eventual birth of the sublimely unique you! We celebrate your birth as the divine child!

Here is my blessing on your search for wholeness, in the words of the poet, Audre Lorde:

Black Mother Goddess, 
Seboulisa, Mawu, 
Salt dragon of chaos. 
Attend me, hold me 
in your muscular flowering arms. 
...Protect me from throwing any part of myself away.

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